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Flexible Transcription Services for Specialist Sectors

Sterling Transcription

Sterling Transcription incorporates flexibility and availability into every customised transcription solution for our diverse clientele. 

Let Sterling Transcription’s capable and efficient audio transcribing team look after all your transcription needs so you can concentrate on growing your core business. 

Sterling Transcription’s wide scope of transcribing services include Media & Finance, Focus Groups & Interviews, Research Typing, Medico-legal TTyping, Specialist Medical PracticesMedical Transcription, a variety of Legal Typing Services and Other Specialist Services

Our security and confidentiality systems and procedures are second to none and we understand the importance of complying with UK, EU and international government privacy regulations. Please see our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

Sterling Transcription has an extensive and informative Frequently Asked Questions page, which assists our clients to choose a Sterling service which best suits their needs.  

Our Typists

Our audio transcribers have in-depth experience across all fields of transcription and subject matter, encompassing areas of law, medicine, finance and research; many of whom have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their chosen fields. 

We always endeavour to match our typists to individual clients’ needs, based on locality, accent and specialist knowledge.

Our typists work within a flexible workplace, with the majority working from their homes and accessing work via a specially developed secure website, hosted by Pacific Solutions Network, Australia, which uses an algorithm approved by the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD). 

What is Transcription?

The process of converting the spoken word to text is called “transcription”. 

There are a multitude of devices which create digital audio files, including Dictaphones, digital voice recorders, smartphones, laptops, computers and digital video recorders.  These digital audio files are used to create a digital document, or “transcript” of the audio recording.

Audio files can come in many different types or formats.  Some of the most common audio formats include: .mp3, .wav, .wma, .m4a, .dss, .ds2, .aif, .vox, .dvf, .dct, and .iaf. 

The process for creating a transcript can be broken down into three simple steps:

  • The typist opens the audio file in their transcription software
  • The typist opens a text document and while listening to the audio file, types the words being spoken
  • The typist returns the completed text document to the person who dictated the file. 

Why use a Transcription Company like Sterling Transcription?

Sterling Transcription can provide turnaround times for transcripts to match your specific requirements and circumstances.  

Whether you are a regular client who requires rapid turnaround on a daily or weekly basis, or a client who needs assistance with transcription overflow from time to time, Sterling Transcription can meet your individual transcription needs - delivering on time, every time. 

Depending on volume, we offer same-day through to flexible turnaround and pricing options. Our friendly staff are always available for immediate phone and email support during business hours.