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File Archiving & Electronic Document Storage

Research Transcription

Sterling Transcription is able to provide you with peace of mind and immediate document access via our archiving service.

Using this service means that for the duration of your subscription, all documents we return to you are safely stored in a separate section of your secure login.

Benefits of archiving

  • Instant access to your important letters and transcripts - no need to search your computer.
  • Files are available any time any where - working from home and need a transcript? It will be available in your archive.
  • Your archive provides a secure area where you can share, save and add notes to your documents with other researchers working on your team.
  • It's easy and automatic - no need to remember to make backups!

What happens to my documents without the archiving service?

Sterling Transcription purges all non-archived documents approximately one month from upload of completed transcripts, in accordance with our security and confidentiality standards.

Should you need to retrieve files that weren't stored through our archival service, we do keep a secure offsite backup for approximately one year. If we are able to locate your files through this backup (not guaranteed) then a small retrieval fee for each file applies.  

For file retrieval pricing please refer to our Terms and Conditions, or contact the Sterling team.  

What does archiving cost?

Sterling Transcription's Archival Service is £4/month per account.

What about storing my audio?

Sterling Transcription is able to store audio in our archive system, however pricing does vary from client to client as different formats of audio consume varying quantities of server space. Please contact the Sterling team to determine pricing for your individual needs.

How can I be sure my documents are safely stored?

Each document uploaded is copied over to the separate archiving area within your login. Backups to a separate data centre are made daily for additional protection.