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What equipment/technology do I need?

Typist Careers

Due to the need to download large audio files, contractors must have highspeed, reliable internet. For compatibility reasons contractors must have, or have access to, a PC (desktop or laptop) running an operating system no older than Windows 8 and Microsoft Office no older than 2010.


You need to have quality headphones, external speakers with volume control, and a compatible footpedal (we recommend an Alto Edge foot pedal).

We strongly advise against Apple Mac computers due to compatibility issues with many of the file types we encounter. Windows PC (either desktop or Laptop) are preferred with an operating system no older than Windows 8.  

It is also desirable that the version of operating system be a "Professional" version, rather than a "Home" version, as the functionality suite available through such versions is more compatible with the range of work available through Pacific.  


You need to have Microsoft Office no older than Office 2010. We also recommend Express Scribe Professional transcription software, which is the main player used by our typists. 


You must have a highspeed, reliable Internet connection and a personal email address (not a shared email address with your partner or family).