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Financial Sector Transcription & Typing Services

Media and Finance Transcription

In the fast paced finance sector, we understand the importance of companies being able to publish their events and results within very short timeframes.

Sterling Transcription is able to offer turnarounds ranging from two to 24 hours from when we obtain the audio. Our finance typists receive specialist training, enabling them to transcribe a variety of financial events including:

  • AGMs
  • Investor briefings
  • Media releases
  • Conference calls
  • Q&A sessions
  • Keynote speakers and seminars
  • Internal company announcements

We are experienced in typing for companies from across the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, America and Africa. Of course, all transcripts are formatted to your requirements, eliminating any unnecessary time-wasting on your behalf.

With advance notice, Sterling Transcription is able to dial-in to your calls to facilitate faster turnaround times, as well as transcribe from recorded audio that you simply upload to our secure site.