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Legal Transcription Services & Legal Typists

Legal Transcription

Sterling Transcription works with legal clients across the UK, continental Europe, the US and Australia, from smaller, specialist practices to large, international firms.

Our clients use Sterling Transcription as a complete support service for all their typing needs. We provide a simple, cost-effective and reliable service which allows clients to run their offices with maximum efficiency.

We work with all manner of legal and business professionals, including: 

  • solicitors
  • attorneys
  • barristers
  • management consultants
  • insurance firms

As we offer an on-demand legal transcription service, we are available for any amount of typing at any time with no minimum charge or monthly fee, which suits our legal clients and their ever-changing workload. Weekend typing support is also available, avoiding the difficulties incurred from scheduling an on-site weekend typist in the chambers.

For top tips on dictation, please visit our blog.

Our secure online login allows our clients to easily upload their dictations, templates and any notes or turnaround requests they wish to include. Switching to digital dictation couldn't be easier. All you need to start is a digital dictation device - we recommend either an Olympus or Philips digital Dictaphone, or an iPhone or iPad used with the Dictate + Connect professional dictation app.

For more information on how to use the Dictate + Connect professional dictation app with Sterling Transcription, for direct file transfer, please visit our webpage.

To further discuss your legal or court typing requirements or for more information, please feel free to contact us on FREEPHONE 0800 910 1410 or email