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Minute Taking Transcription Service

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Sterling Transcription regularly provides minutes of meetings for boards, trusts and government bodies.

We will provide advice on how best to record your meeting, for you to then upload the audio to a secure online account. This method enables you to receive high quality minutes, without the cost of a minute taker actually attending your premises.

Minutes are not a word for word transcript of what was said, rather, they are a summary of the important discussions. Our minute taker will listen to your audio, referring to agendas, previous minutes and supporting documents where provided, and note down:

  • What was discussed and by whom
  • What was agreed
  • What actions are to be taken, by whom and what deadline

As a guide, for each hour of a meeting, approximately 2-3 pages of transcript will be produced.

To further discuss taking minutes of your meeting, please feel free to contact us on FREEPHONE 0800 910 1410 or email .