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Recording Online Conference Calls

Media and Finance Transcription

Sterling Transcription's expert transcriptionists can transcribe your online conference calls!

Are you conducting your business meetings, focus groups, academic research or legal meetings via a conference call platform, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Google Hangouts?  

Record your online conference calls and let Sterling Transcription transcribe them for you.  

Many businesses, research facilities, educational institutions and legal entities across the globe are relying on online conference call platforms to keep connected with staff and clients, and to conduct important meetings and critical research.  

At Sterling Transcription we transcribe from your recorded online conference calls, so that you have a written record of the event or activity.  

Academic Researchers - Online conference calls allow interviewers to conduct their research remotely, without losing the non-verbal cues so important to face-to-face communication.  

Business and Legal Meetings - Keeping a transcript of important business and legal meetings is critical to business growth and accountability.  

Media and Finance Calls - A record of important meetings, such as media releases, Q&A sessions, investor meetings, internal company announcements and AGMs is essential in keeping all stakeholders up-to-date on a company's financial developments.   

We transcribe all types of recorded conference calls, and across most platforms.  

Not sure how to record?  Read our brochures on recording online conference calls or using Zoom to record your conference calls, and uploading your recorded audio to our secure site, or call us today on FREEPHONE 0800 910 1410 for assistance.

Or let Sterling Transcription take the burden of recording your conference calls for you.  Contact us to arrange direct recording of your important conference meetings.  We dial-in to your calls to facilitate faster turnaround times.