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Transcription Services for Universities & Research Institutions

Research Transcription

Sterling Transcription transcribes audio recordings in a fast and professional manner. We free up your time for things more important than typing, such as analysis.

Sterling Transcription has clients from  several hundred research institutions throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

We work with researchers from a wide range of disciplines, such as economics, health, education, law, criminology, business and agriculture.

Why choose Sterling Transcription?

  • Experience:  With over 12 years as a transcription company operating in the UK and across the globe, we have extensive experience in transcribing a wide variety of files, including lengthy interviews, focus groups with varied accents, and interviews with specialised terminology. We have a proven track record of providing extremely accurate transcripts of any size and complexity.
  • Matching the Best Typist to your File:  We work with typists from across the UK and Ireland, the rest of Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada, who all speak English as a first language. We will endeavour to match the best typist to your file. For example, if you require a transcription of a focus group based in Liverpool then we can assign a Liverpudlian typist to transcribe the file, ensuring accuracy of local knowledge and familiarity with local accents.
  • Pricing:  Sterling Transcription can facilitate your grant application requirements by providing quotes using a fixed price per minute of recorded audio or by arranging a pre-payment for budgeting purposes. If you prefer, we are able to invoice your university or research association directly.
  • Formatting and Analysis Software:  We are able to provide transcripts in any format you require. For example, your transcript can be formatted so that it can be directly entered into analysis software such as NVivo, Leximancer or AtlasTI.

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