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Catherine Byrne in Interviews, Research Transcription, Tips

Benefits of Transcribing Interviews for Research

What is so important about transcribing interviews for research?  While transcribing interviews for research is one of the most used methodological techniques utilised by researchers worldwide; the technique of transcribing remains underrated, under-researched, neglected, and little understood, within research and academic communities. Transcribing Interviews – A Research Technique Worth Pursuing – If Conducted Correctly The technique […]

Pacific Solutions in Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Research Transcription

What is the Conversational Analysis style of transcription?

Conversational analysis style is the most complex style of transcription offered by Sterling Transcription and serves as an alternative to slightly edited or strict verbatim transcripts. It is a method capable of uncovering various paralinguistic features and, through the inclusion of specific symbols, seeks to describe subtle speaker interactions. While it is a style most […]

Pacific Solutions in Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Research Transcription

Research Transcription: What will my Focus Group or Interview Transcript look like?

Transcription for the purposes of research, such as transcribing focus groups and interviews for research and analysis, may require a template or format specific to the needs of the researcher and the qualitative analysis software you might be utilising. Following are some helpful tips on how Sterling Transcription defines, categorises and presents research transcriptions. By being […]


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